AMY ZIARI — Tech PR and Communications Consultant


I'm a B2B tech PR and communications consultant based in Seattle. I work with startups, agencies and large tech companies who believe in in the power of communications, and that need extra horsepower to oversee strategies and solve problems.  

In many cases, the answer is not a new hire or adding another agency, but somewhere in between.

I can be your in between.

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Amy is the best all-around EVERYTHING in PR. She has an incredible work ethic and is easily the smartest person in the room. Despite that she remains completely humble, funny, and charming. Every team she is on she gives more than is required and there is no other person I’d rather be working with than Amy. She completely breaks through whatever perception of PR people you have. Whether you hire her or work with her you will agree that she is the best at what she does.
— Justin Mauldin, Founder of Salient PR
I often find myself following the WWAD — What Would Amy Do — strategy, which is a testament to the impact she leaves on her teams. Amy is many things: smart about PR and marketing, tenacious about results, compassionate towards the people she works with, but the thing she is above all is thoughtful — about how to launch a product/company, about how to help steer someone’s career, about where to take our organization next — and her clients and colleagues are richer for it.
— Previous Colleague
Amy is a whip smart communicator and empathetic leader. She fearlessly works to create team environments that allow for people to do their best work—constantly asking what more she could do to help people progress or create systems for the organization as a whole to scale.
— Previous Colleague
I’ve been a client of Amy’s for several years and I cannot say enough about her amazing work. She’s extremely smart and strategic and provides excellent counsel on all areas of communications and PR.
— Angela Maglione, DigitalOcean