How I can help you:  

  • Strategic Communications Planning — Any good communications program starts with a well thought out and researched plan. I can provide counsel on your ongoing corporate communications strategy, as well support planning around special projects such as launches or news announcements.

  • Project Management and Execution — An idea means little until you put it into action. As a seasoned project manager and a "stop at nothing to get the job done" type of person, I take your idea — whether that's an event, a thought leadership effort, an internal project or anything in between — and bring it to life through diligent execution. This includes managing your team on the project, if needed.  

  • Communications Writing — You have read my writing before. From corporate websites, to technology and business publications such as TechCrunch, to emails from executives to employees. I incorporate your strategic messaging in an authentic way and can support a range of writing outputs including press releases, bylines, blog posts and internal communications.

  • Executive Platform Development and Training — We don't only buy a brand. We buy the people behind it. I have helped countless top tech executives hone their personal brands and articulate unique perspectives about their industry. Together, we'll take your viewpoints to market in a way that serves the business's larger goals.  

  • Pitch Development and Execution Strategy — Reporters receive hundreds of pitches every day and the growing amount of "spam PR" is making it harder for yours to stand out. I help you craft a story that reporters will want to cover, and determine the best way to bring that story to them, whether that's through an exclusive, pre-briefing campaign, media tour or on background conversation.  

    Also available for on site work — Seattle area only


The Amy Ziari differentiation:

 Your Best In Between Solution
Sometimes you don't need a new hire or another agency, but someone you can easily slot in to manage your program or spearhead an ongoing communications initiative. Someone with a great attitude, who will treat your company as their own and most importantly — who delivers.

No Statement Surprises
I keep track of my time diligently. I will check in with you if a project is going over, so we can work out a plan in advance. With me, you will never get a surprise bill.

I know a lot but not everything. If I can't do something or am not the best person for a project, I will let you know that straight up. My goal is for you to get the support you need, whether or not that support comes from me.