How about a story?

As a kid I recorded everything I wore to make sure I never repeated outfits less than two weeks apart. In college, I took my first public relations class and grew fascinated with how we can use communications to sculpt the news and companies' images. Early in my career, I ordered my first business cards. On the back were the words, "I make you look good."

I've always been obsessed with perceptions: How we can create and change them. What we are to the outside world versus behind closed doors.


Today, I apply this mindset—with marketing, communications and design techniques as my tools—to position companies the way they want the world to see them. 

Why does this perception stuff even matter? As a technology company, you can have the best product in the world but if the market doesn't know about you and perceive you as a market leader, then you aren't one. It's that simple. 


  • Do you want to be known as a world-class engineering company?
  • Are you curious how you compare to the competition in the eyes of potential customers?  
  • Have you pivoted and want to reposition your product to appeal to a new demographic?
  • Does your logo and branding no longer reflect what your company stands for?

These are things I help with. How I do it depends on what needs to be accomplished, but it can involve everything from content marketing to refreshing messaging to customer development to market research to graphic design. And of course, project managing the heck out of whatever tactics are involved. Don't get in the way of me and my spreadsheets!  

My professional background is varied. I've worked in technology for more than a decade, which I've spent at tech PR and marketing agencies, heading marketing for a few startups, consulting, and running my own company building PR tools for agencies and early-stage startups.

In addition to all of the above, I love people. Working with people. Collaborating. Building relationships. Interviewing customers about their experience with products. You name it. 

So what am I not?

  • I'M NOT a digital marketing expert, although I know quite a bit about SEO, AdWords and web optimization
  • I'M NOT someone who will constantly dial press for dollars. I believe that thoughtful, well-targeted media relations is the best way to get your story told. Good PR is not a numbers game 
  • I'M NOT a professional web designer. Instead, think of me as someone who can manage your web project from top to bottom, matching everything to your marketing goals and brand voice 
  • I'M NOT a miracle worker. If you want to be seen as the leader in social networking for coal miners and your product is awful, there is only so much I can do


  • Originally from a small farming town in Eastern Oregon. Summers = on farms, and packing fresh tomatoes in boxes  
  • Yoga and health aficionado, although I'm the last person you'll ever see running a marathon
  • Once had a video blog covering SF tech events


Finally, an About Page would not be complete without some sort of call to action. Interested in working together or have a question? Simply want to say "hey"? Shoot me an email