I was hired at Appurify as its first non-technical employee. The company had no marketing assets, and the initial product messaging was very technical. 

Solution: Created marketing function from scratch. Activities included corporate messaging revamp, new website, product demo videos and sales enablement materials. I also wrote the developer documentation for the company.

Outcome: Appurify was acquired by Google in 2014.


The company had a huge developer fan base, but little mainstream awareness of what made it unique: its entertainment-based approach to code education.

Solution: Revamped the company's corporate messaging and developed a strategic storytelling campaign resting heavily on media relations.

Outcome: Top-tier media placements in everywhere from Fast Company to Inc. Code School was acquired by PluralSight in 2015.


Prosper is one of the leading marketplace lending companies in the US. It wanted to use content to scale the PR program and educate prospects.

Solution: I conceived of and built a fully integrated content program, which involved a mix of owned, earned and paid content. I also oversaw a roster of writers and content strategists to bring the content to life.

Outcome: Content engine produced 60M impressions in the first four months.