Amy Ziari
Amy Ziari
Technology Storyteller, Communicator

I'm a technology comms pro based in Seattle. My work involves bringing important stories to the public — and giving thoughtful, dedicated communications counsel along the way. Over the last decade, I've worked with a wide variety of companies, from mobile startups in the heart of Silicon Valley to public companies based abroad, to security companies inching toward IPO.

I approach my work with a creative but strategic lens. I am a strong believer in experimentation, while using a consistent process to achieve your communications goals. 

My specialties include: 

  • Content: You have seen my writing before. From corporate websites, to technology and business publications like TechCrunch and Recode, to emails from executives to employees. I find the perfect balance between tone and strategic messages to advance your business objectives.

  • Creative storytelling: Every company has a story, but how do you make others care about it? I turn product news, company momentum, market trends and more into stories people want to hear about. My philosophy rests heavily on context; no story exists in a vacuum.

  • Executive thought leadership: Have an important industry perspective, or want to be known as an expert on a particular topic? I help you create communications campaigns that elevate your personal brand.

  • Data campaigns: Data is a powerful storytelling tool. Whether using your internal data or partnering with an outside vendor on a research project, I work with you to craft strategic data campaigns that support your communications program.

  • Corporate leadership: From mentoring junior staff, to growing new parts of the business, to finding creative ways to solve problems, I lead businesses to success.


Case Studies 

I was hired at Appurify as its first non-technical employee. The company had no marketing assets, and the initial product messaging was very technical. 

Solution: Created marketing function from scratch. Activities included corporate messaging revamp, new website, product demo videos and sales enablement materials. I also wrote the developer documentation for the company.

Outcome: Appurify was acquired by Google in 2014. 


The company had a huge developer fan base, but little mainstream awareness of what made it unique: it's entertainment-based approach to code education.

Solution: Revamped the company's corporate messaging and developed a strategic storytelling campaign resting heavily on media relations.

Outcome: Top-tier media placements in everywhere Fast Company to Inc. Code School was acquired by PluralSight in 2015.


Prosper is one of the leading marketplace lending companies in the US. They wanted to use content to scale the PR program and educate prospects.

Solution: I conceived of and built a fully integrated content program, which involved a mix of owned, earned and paid content. I also oversaw a roster of writers and content strategists to bring the content to life.

Outcome: Content engine produced 60M impressions in first four months.

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Client Experience 


Amy is the best all-around EVERYTHING in PR. She has an incredible work ethic and is easily the smartest person in the room. Despite that she remains completely humble, funny, and charming. Every team she is on she gives more than is required and there is no other person I'd rather be working with than Amy. She completely breaks through whatever perception of PR people you have. Whether you hire her or work with her you will agree that she is the best at what she does. 
Justin Mauldin, Founder of Mauldin Consulting

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